Branded & proprietary methodologies

Versatile method to predict the success rate of ads and to re-evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

Human Resource Analysis
Research tool for complex company internal climate analysis

Baltic Employer Branding Index
Integrated empirical study to measure key aspects of employer brand image

Brand Strategy Booster
Convenient brand navigation system

EMotion MArketing
Psycho-diagnostic tool to objectively measure and evaluate emotional and psychic responses to audio-visual stimuli

Survey instrument to assess the effectiveness of sales and marketing success in competitive markets

Brand Commitment
Comprehensive and flexible tool to measure psychological links between customers / users and brand, product or service

Customer Satisfaction Index
Universal analytical tool designated for measuring customer satisfaction with a product, service or a company as a whole

Key Driver Analysis
Scans the effect of sampled attributes on the key characteristic, helps to identify attributes with the major effect

Stakeholder Relationship Optimizer
Relationship diagnostics and optimisation system

Monitoring tool that provides the most integrated evaluation of the online display advertising