Customer Satisfaction Index

The key to knowledge is comparison. Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is universal analytic tool designated for measuring customer satisfaction with a product, service or a company as a whole. It helps to find the reasons of customer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Knowledge of customer’s satisfaction is a must

Consumer’s level of satisfaction and main decision makers measuring is important for all companies. This information can be used for keeping customers, for better sale of products and services, for quality and proposal value improvement, for more efficient and economical function guarantee. Only satisfied customer tends to come back repeatedly to his favourite brand and moreover to keep others advised of his positive experience.

What CSI brings in?

  • Measures customers’ satisfaction from various points of view (company image, quality of products and services, service, etc.).
  • Determines areas which significantly affect customers’ satisfaction.
  • Shows weak and strong aspects of communication.
  • Finds easily achievable opportunities that strengthen general customers’ satisfaction.
  • Enables comparison with competitive products or companies.
  • Offers comparison of specific groups of customers.
  • Defines loyal and unreliable customer groups.
  • Recommends proper tools to strengthen satisfaction.

What CSI brings in regarding time?

  • Long-term monitoring of satisfaction with the possibility of analysing particular events effects
  • Notifies feedback during changes of existing product or during launching a new product or service into the market.
  • Effective connection to parallel-conducted track studies (brand tracking, image tracking etc.).

CSI evaluation process

  • Defining possible factors affecting satisfaction.
  • Measuring of selected factors importance.
  • Measuring of selected factors satisfaction.
  • Determination of CSI.

CSI is based on the fact that satisfaction of customers does not reflect only their satisfaction with particular factors, which affect general satisfaction but also reflects the importance of these factors. The important factors from the customers’ point of view affect general satisfaction more than the unimportant ones.

Specific usage of CSI

  • Evaluation of satisfaction with products within products category.
  • Comparison of customer satisfaction with particular affiliates of companies.
  • Evaluation of effect in marketing strategy change.
  • Employees’ satisfaction.


  • One index for general satisfaction
  • SWOT analysis evaluating particular characteristics according to their importance and satisfaction with them
    • Risks with high importance and low satisfaction
    • Permitted defects with low importance and low satisfaction
    • Matters of facts with high satisfaction but low importance
    • Keystones with both high satisfaction as high importance

CSI objective is to help with creating and keeping long-term relations with customers. CSI enables to understand better to your customers’ desires, needs and behaviour.