Advertising campaigns are expensive, therefore they should be effective. AdWise (ADW) is a versatile method that predicts accurately the success rate of the ads and re-evaluates the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. The test results are not just “numbers”, but also clear and understandable explanation of what works in the ad and what does not.

Three different AdWise modules

AdWise is basically a puzzle, which is usually adjusted to client´s needs – it consists of 3 separate parts:

  • the basic module,
  • diagnostics,
  • media analysis.

All the three modules of this comprehensive solution are synergic, but it is also possible to use them separately with regard to the client´s needs.

What is AdWise suitable for?

AdWise is used for testing a broad range of communication tools. It can be used to “measure” the relevance and potential success in case of:

  • creative ideas at the earliest stage of development,
  • concepts (advertising, product)
  • storyboards – drawings of static advertisement (possibly with a complementary description of what will take place in the ad)
  • drawings of advertising in motion – recorded as an animated ad,
  • finished TV or radio ad (either taken over from abroad or locally created).

Why to test using AdWise?

  • To avoid spending on launch of expensive campaigns, which may but also may not work.
  • To find out which version scores the best.
  • To determine whether to develop the existing marketing campaign or to replace it with another.
  • To find out how the effective advertising should look like, which things and how should it communicate.
  • To find out how it works among other ads in the real context close to the way it is presented on TV or in the radio.

When to test?

  • Before rendering of the final ad.
  • When the ad is (almost) finished.
  • Just to check how it works in competition with other ads.
  • During the campaign – to determine whether advertising is “worn out„ or not and to recommend what can be replaced, in order not to decline its impact.
  • After the end of the campaign, when you consider a following campaign, and you need to determine whether to continue with the existing ad or to replace it completely.

What is the output?

  • Certainly you do not need a lot of numbers. The basic information is summarized within one numeric indicator, the index of success. This number is understandable and clear at first glance. However, it is still accompanied by a graphic representation – a barometer.
  • The comparison of index of success with the reference values ??(benchmarks) – it indicates whether the tested ad is the same, better or worse than a traditional ad.
  • The diagnosis summarizes the strong and weak moments and recommends valuable revisions.
  • The output can be used as a basis for internal materials and presentations as well as a starting position for negotiations with advertising agencies.

AdWise sensitively measures the ad´s effectiveness and differentiates between three levels of success:

  • tactically successful spot / ad
  • spot / advertisement to ponder
  • spot / advertisement for rejection.

AdWise precisely formulates what the customer wants to see or hear in the ad.

AdWise is a unique, straightforward and flexible research tool, which predicts success or failure of commercial communication, as well as allows evaluation of marketing effectiveness. Not only piles of numbers which you may not be familiar with are outcome of such survey; the tool is focused on simplicity combined with detailed analysis what leads to clear recommendations of what can be improved and clues for improvement of strategic marketing communication.