Stakeholder Relationship Optimizer

Stakeholder Relationship Optimizer (SRO) = relationship diagnostics

Strength of customer, employee, distributor and other key groups relationship to firm / brand

If you seek help or inspiration in the area of development of your company relationships with important target groups, the Stakeholder Relationship Optimizer can be of invaluable help.

SRO is a relation optimization system. This method is designed to function universally in different situations that have the common idea – development of your relationships with important target groups, like:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Business partners
  • Distributors
  • Other opinion makers or professional public
  • But also general population as a whole, for example, in the case of evaluation of your Company reputation

No matter on what key group you focus your interest, the Stakeholder Relationship Optimizer method will always answer two key questions:

  1. How do you compare?
    And when you know, how you perform in comparison with usual results, you can decide, how much you want to invest into changes (money, effort, …).
    OBJECTIVITY of such evaluation is guaranteed by a set of standardized questions.
    Thanks to verified ppm factum indicators and BENCHMARKING we can tell you, what is RELATIONSHIP STRENGTH of a given target group to your Company, i.e. whether the relationship of given target group to your Company is better or worse than normal. And not only in overall sense, but from the point of view of rational evaluation and emotional content of this relationship – HOW PEOPLE PERCEIVE COOPERATION AND WHAT THEY FEEL DOING IT.
  2. What should you do about it?
    Finding of “How you compare“ tells you, how urgent is the need for change.
    Only finding of priorities will let you address benefits of your investment, instead of addressing of what a given target group is satisfied with the least.
    ADAPTING RESEARCH TO EXACTLY YOUR CONDITIONS is ensured by individual setting of your evaluation parameter set that we will prepare in close cooperation with you.
    Through specifically prepared analysis of STRONG AND WEAK POINTS of your Company in a given area we can point out WHAT ARE YOUR PRIORITIES FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF TARGET GROUP