Desk Research

Industrial surveys are surveys aimed at analyzing the status and perspectives of particular markets. Depending on the main purpose of survey it can cover different tasks:

  • Describing a market in its real condition of economic development, of the country as a whole and break down to specific regions by indicator modeling
  • Regulatory policy and its impact on the market of interest
  • Estimation of market capacity and size
  • Description of structure and elements of market segments, detection of market niches
  • Analysis of macro and competitive environment based on SWOT
  • Discovery of existing trends, forecasting of indicators and perspectives of market development
  • The main product distribution and promotion channels’ analysis
  • Price and assortment policy analysis
  • Factor analysis: impact of macro- and micro-factors, estimation of risks and possibilities
  • Discovery of market entry barriers and pit falls
  • Comparison and correlation of national markets with similar other markets
  • Recommendations on further market research from the point of view of its investment potential

As one of B2B research methods the industrial surveys are used for:

  • Business-plan development
  • Investment project development
  • Development/renewal of strategy and tactics of promotion in the market

Types of desk surveys

  • Express-survey – A brief market survey as a resulting in general estimations of market capacity and size, description of its structure and sectors, brief analysis of competition environment. Express-research can be applied for business-plan development as well as when there is a need for initial estimation of market investment potential. Express-research can be implemented as (1) part of monitoring market research, (2) ad hoc express-analysis.
  • Advanced desk survey is conducted along with the processing of a large range of various types of secondary information. As a result of advanced survey there are more accurate estimations of market capacity and size, its dynamics and development projections, brand share, detailed description of competition environment and regional peculiarities of market development. Advanced desk survey is undertaken as ad hoc research for companies developing a strategy and plan for capturing and successful promotion in the market in question,
  • Module (complex) desk survey is conducted along with fully engaging additional research methods. It lies not only in secondary data collection and analysis but additionally in its validation as well as specification of collected data by expert interviews, modeling of the situation etc. Module desk survey is executed as ad hoc research and used in case when the market or definite product group is undiscovered, closed for data collection and analysis by general methods.

Information sources for industrial surveys

  • Legislation
  • Statistical data of state bodies, information from ministries, institutions and parliamentary committees
  • Publications in national and regional printed and broadcasting mass media
  • Special editions and reports of research companies
  • Internet: companies web sites, electronic mass media sites, specialized sites of foreign statistics
  • Market operators and experts