Focus Group

  • Focus Group is one of the basic qualitative research methods.
  • It is based on cumulating of stimuli during the group discussion and utilizes the participants’ interaction (particular group members comment on each others‘ opinions – so called „snow ball effect“).
  • Discussions are conducted by experienced moderator, mostly a psychologist who also analyses and interprets the findings.

Easy Group

  • Easy Group is a modification of standard Focus Group.
  • In comparison with Focus Groups, Easy Groups represent faster and cheaper option providing comparable quality of marketing information.

In-Depth Interview

  • In-depth Interview represents one of the basic methods of qualitative research.
  • It is based on individual interviewing and enables close interaction between the interviewer and the respondent.
  • Interviews are conducted by professionals (typically psychologists or sociologists) in line with a pre-defined scenario.
  • Interviewers shall be well experienced in this type of research and provided with detailed information on the project’s target.

Easy In-Depth Interview

  • Easy In-depth is a modification of standard In-depth Interview.
  • In comparison with standard In-depth Interview, Easy In-depth represents faster and cheaper option providing comparable quality of marketing information.

Ethnographic methods

  • Ethnographic methods are based on exploring the given subject in the context of the target group’s common environment.
  • Typically, interviewers execute household visits and observe respondents during their routine work, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, internet search, specific product usage etc.
  • Structured observation is often combined with other methods, such as writing a “consumer diary” for some specific time, video recording etc).