Observations and tests

CLT (Central Location Tests)

  • Central location tests are held in a studio rented in particular area. According to pre-defined criteria, people “from the street” are invited to these studios. Each respondent is interviewed individually in accordance with pre-arranged query scheme.
  • This method enables usage of open questions and presentation of various audio-visual materials.
  • Both promptness and the possible control of interviewers are the benefits of CLT.

In-Home, In-Store

  • In-Home and In-Store interviewing is conducted directly in households or outlets. Other possible venues are shopping centres and areas, parking lots, access roads, arcades etc.
  • Respondents’ behaviour can be observed directly on spot: orientation and path through the store, purchase behaviour – planned or impulsive shopping, influence of POP etc.
  • The interviews are carried out by well trained interviewers. On particular place they address people chosen in line with pre-defined criteria. Each respondent is then interviewed in accordance with pre-arranged query scheme.

Home-use tests

  • Respondents selected in accordance with pre-defined criteria are provided with product samples (blind or branded).
  • Usage diaries are evaluated together with data from pre- as well as post-test interviewing carried out by well trained interviewers in accordance with pre-arranged query scheme.

Mystery Shopping, Calling, Mailing

  • Method enabling to get into and evaluate observed units.
  • Mystery Shopping is fictitious purchase of products or services in client’s and/or competitor’s outlets and branches.
  • This research is not focused on customers’ behaviour. On the contrary it observes the seller or provider of services. Mystery shopping is carried out by specially trained interviewers/evaluators.
  • In case of Mystery Shopping, Mystery Calling, (e.g. fictitious enquiry) or Mystery Mailing (on-line enquiries on services), the interviewers act like real customers during the fictitious purchase acts.