EMotion MArketing

At the beginning of each potential customer contact through business communication should be emotional charge – emotion strength helps to remember advertising and thus the communicated brand.

Research of emotions is thus a center point of business communication makers. To get “under people’s skin”, reveal hidden feelings, avoid pretending and self-stylization on the side of respondents are at present important pre-requisites of effective testing of each commercial communication.

Together with experts ppm factum has developed a psycho-diagnostic tool – the EMMA Research Tool that is used to objectively measure and evaluate emotional and psychic responses to audio-visual stimuli.

When should EMMA be used?

  • When verifying video or audio spot effectivity before implementation.
  • For testing of TV programs, movie trailers, instruction videos, guerilla spots, etc.
  • For testing of video sequences designed for the web.
  • When you need to shorten a spot and not to omit any communicationally strong element.
  • When it makes sense to test felt emotions, and Prague inhabitants are not sufficient (testing in other localities is possible).

A part of EMMA test results is a graphical record of measured emotion reactions, understandable at first sight, accumulated for the whole test group or its significant subgroups.

EMMA Benefits

  • EMMA measures reactions to stimuli without influencing respondent’s mind, exactly at the point, when the respondent is exposed to a stimulus. The message is thus not “filtered“ through recipient’s mind.
  • It conclusively verifies, whether the spot does not lack a strong element that works in subconscious.
  • Reveals effects of individual advertising elements, whose importance viewer intentionally or unintentionally denies (e.g. feels ashamed).
  • Shows strong and weak points of spots in relation to required stimulus targets (ability to remember, emotional bond, motivation to buy, etc.).
  • It is comfortable for respondents, non-invasive measurement makes test situation close to watching TV or listening to radio.

How does EMMA work?

Living through emotions is not connected to visible subjective manifestations (laugh, crying, etc.) only, but also to reactions of autonomous nervous system that cannot be consciously influenced. EMMA measures physiological quantities (skin galvanic reaction, heart rate, heart rhythm variability, body temperature) that objectively indicate actual emotions. EMMA software transforms changes of these quantities into graphs that show, which advertising elements cause emotional responses, and where attention declines.

Fundamental, as far as result interpretation, is also subsequent in-depth interview with a respondent, where we verify validity of measured emotions and respondent’s personal attitude. People’s personal testimonies are similarly important as measured values, they are “two sides of the same coin“ that cannot be completely set apart (it is important, how a viewer subconsciously reacts to advertising, but also how he or she discusses it, for example, with friends).

Measurement results provide clear recommendations

Detailed diagnostics of a spot, including cumulated graphs of emotional reactions, reveal strong and weak points of the spot.

Recommendations of possible modifications and effective shortening of a spot substantiate EMMA testing even in cases, when spots were created abroad and seemingly do not allow any corrections.