Brand Strategy Booster

Brand Strategy Booster (BSB) = the brand navigation system
Is there a difference between what people say and what they really want?
What is really the fundamental “IT” they need, act on, are motivated by?

Do you also sometimes have a feeling that your dialog with a customer or a potential customer does not bring you real understanding what he or she really wants and why? Do you tell to yourself that you want to break through the horizon of what people say and get to their deeper needs and inner motivations? Do you think what, specifically, could interest a customer more effectively than a competition product that looks similar, although you put special care into yours?

We can help you with this thanks to the tested Brand Strategy Booster methodology.

Behavior of every one of us is influenced both by conscious and subconscious or unconscious parts of our personality. During common questioning respondent answers are limited by thinking and expression abilities of individual people. During questioning about feelings our answers are more or less, but always, “censored“ by rationality, i.e. by our consciousness.

This has clear consequences for market research. While conscious aspects of behavior can be recognized and described comparatively easily – all you need is to ask the right way, the unconscious aspects need to be found indirectly, since you need to minimize “self-censorship“ during questioning.

In BSB we use projection methods (stimulation materials were developed especially for Czech market), and thank to this, through this methodology, we:

  • Reveal real factors that motivate people behavior, about which people do not like to talk or are not even aware of
  • Can penetrate to hidden human needs and inner motivations

Using BSB can help you in the following tasks, for example:

  • Finding of customer needs
  • Customer segmentation
  • Finding white spots in customers’ needs – possibilities for acquisition
  • Brand management, including its strategy definition
  • Outlining the brand position vis-á-vis its competition
  • Suppression of undesirable cannibalization of your products or product lines
  • Testing of strategic aims of advertising campaign in order to address primarily the customer, for whom you created your product or service
  • Optimization of campaign media mix with regard to its specific goals